Natural Berry Face Mask

Natural Berry Face Mask

A natural berry face mask in my mind is the only way to go. Knowing all the ingredients that have gone into the mask and what you are applying to your face. Try to make sure that all the produce is 100% Organic. This fruity youthful exfoliation mask is bursting with anti-oxidants. Here is a bit of information on why I rate this face mask so much…

  • Gets rid of old skin
  • Full of protein
  • Moisturises the skin with natural fats
  • Reduces dryness
  • Relieves itchiness
  • Cleanses the skin
  • Protects the skin against conditions such as eczema


This recipe can even be used in the bath. Just add a handful of Oats into a cloth and make a small bag. Gently squeeze until you get Oat milk. You could even add a bit of Lavender just for that extra relaxation.

  • Blueberries
  • Tones
  • Nourishes the skin
  • Keeps skin firm
  • Clears the complexion
  • Great source of vitamin A, B and C
  • Rich in fibres
  • Conditions the skin
  • Great for acne
  • Cranberries
  • High in vitamin C
  • High in antioxidants
  • Rich in nutrients
  • Regenerates and moisturises
  • Brightens the skin
  • Reduces wrinkles
  • Helps with oily skin
  • Treats acne
Natural Berry Face Mask
Natural Berry Face Mask

Yoghurt Face Mask

Yoghurt was used in the ancient Egyptian times to keep skin youthful. If it was good enough for Cleopatra then its good enough for me.

  • Helps remove dead skin cells
  • Smooths out thin lines
  • Hydrates the skin
  • Tightens the  pores
  • Gives a healthy glow
  • Brightens the complexion
  • Lifts dull and tired skin
  • Helps get rid of dark circles under the eyes
  • Helps sooth sunburn and prevents redness of the skin

So as you can see these three ingredients are bursting with youth beauty a healthy glow. Totally conditioning and soothing anti ageing ex-foliation mask.


Here how easy it is to make, Just follow these simple steps…

  • Handful of each, Cranberries and Blueberries
  • Blend them together
  • Add Greek yoghurt as much or little as you like to get that right texture you desire
  • Half a handful of Oats
  • Mix all together
  • Apply give a gentle  rotation for the ex-foliation
  • Leave on for 10-20 minutes
  • Wash off with luke-warm water
  • Splash the face with cold water

There we have it! Don’t forget any left over ingredients can be eaten Mmmmmm yummy. What a bonus!

‘People will always stare …make it worth their while!’



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