Forward Bend or Uttanasana

Forward Bend or Uttanasana

Forward Bend or Uttanasana is an intermediate level yoga pose.


Uttanasana is one of my favourites. I practice Uttanasana everyday. It is part of the sun-salutations . It makes me feel relaxed but yet energises me and brings focus to my mind. Practice this posture everyday too and you will see the benefits as well as feel them. Give yourself a challenge and take photos of your progress everyday to really see and feel the story unfold of how you body breathing and flexibility changes over time with practice. You should not to stress or strain you are to relax and take your time.  It will change your life!!!! Right …so here is my step by step guide…. get practising and let me know how you get on……

Step by step guide

  • First stand in Mountain Pose
  • Slightly bend your knees
  • Inhale deeply and  place your hands on your hips
  • Exhale lowering your torso towards your knees making sure your back and neck are all in line
  • Lower your hands either side of your feet while straightening the legs if your body allows you to with no stress or strain
  • Touch the ground. If you cannot then you can use blocks to aid or keep the knees bent
  • If you want to deepen the posture then hold each ankle  from behind so your forearms are touching your calves
  • Then on every exhalation try easing yourself more into Uttanasana
  • Hold here for a few breaths, whatever is most comfortable for you. then over time building up to one minute


  • Lengthens and strengthens the hamstrings calves and the back.
  • Brings a fresh circulation flow to the brain
  • Improves balance
  • Relieves stress, headaches, anxiety, tension and insomnia
  • Lifts your mood
  • Improves digestion and stimulates your kidneys and liver

Do Nots

  • Hypo extend the knees
  • Roll your upper back and shoulders forward
  • Force the torso towards the knees
Forward Bend
Forward Bend

Sandkrit name Uttanasana.

Uttan = Intense stretch, Asana = Pose


Uttanasana provides a stretch to the entire back of the body and a good stretch on the hamstrings.


‘Sweat …Smile …and Repeat!’


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