Pigeon Pose or Kapotasana

Pigeon Pose

Pigeon Pose or Kapotasana is an intermediate level yoga pose.

Pigeon Pose
Pigeon Pose

Sanskrit name Kapotasana.

Kapot = Pigeon, Asana = Pose


Upright Half Pigeon Pose

Upright Half Pigeon Pose is an intermediate level yoga pose.

Upright Half Pigeon
Upright Half Pigeon

Sanskrit name Urdhva Ardha Kapotasana.

Urdhva = Upright, Ardha = Half, Kapot = Pigeon, Asana = Pose


How to Perform

1. Starting from Downward Facing dog. Gaze forward slowly and mindfully slide the right leg forward between both hands. Then bring in the right foot close to the left side of the body. Slide the left leg back and lower your hips to the ground.

2. Inhaling deeply push your palms or fingertips into the earth to lengthen through your spine, neck and head (Crown Chakra).

3. Exhale slowly and let your hips sink to the earth. Then roll your shoulders down and back while leaning forward with your chest creating that space for the lungs so you can ease yourself into this position.

4. Take your time to ease yourself into this position with every exhale deepen the pose to feel more grounded. Hold in this position for 3-6 breaths or whatever feels most comfortable for you. No stress or strain. You are now in Pigeon Pose.

5. Inhale deeply sliding your hands forward, up and above your head. With a slight back bend and your arms lenghtened. Gaze comes up to look at your finger tips. You are now in Upright Half Pigeon Pose.  Hold here for 3-6 breaths.

6. Exhale sliding the hands forward, down to the earth and back into Pigeon Pose. Then using your hands to support your weight, inhale and push away from the earth while taking the right leg straight back into downward dog.

7. Peddle out the feet then repeat on the left side.


  • Stretches through all the thigh muscle groups
  • Ballances and improves coordination
  • Opens up the hips
  • Opens up the chest to deepen the breath and open up the heart centre
  • Centers the mind
  • Stimulates the nerves and brings all around flexibility to the body


‘Breathe …Believe …Recieve!’


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