Supported Shoulderstand

Supported Shoulderstand

Supported Shoulderstand is an intermediate level yoga pose.

Supported Shoulderstand
Supported Shoulderstand

How to Perform Supported Shoulderstand

1. Lay flat on your back. Tuck your chin in slightly so the back of your head is on the ground. Point your toes upwards and tuck your arms in down by the sides of your body. Slowly tilt your pelvis upwards so the lower back is on the ground and shift out any weight in the buttocks by gently moving the buttocks to the sides. Then lower to the ground. Now you should be able to feel you are grounded comfortably.

2. Now perform some single leg raises. Inhale lifting your right leg to 90 degrees off the ground or as high as comfortable. Toes flexed and pointing behind you. Then exhale and lower your leg. Repeat this flow 3-5 times and then move to the left leg and repeat this action.

3. Now perfrom some double leg raises. You may want to bring your arms closer to the sides of your body for that extra support in the lower back. Inhale and raise both legs off the ground to 90 degree or as high as possible (no stress or strain), then exhale and lower your legs. Repeat this 3-5 times. Increase with time to 8 reps.

4. Now inhale with a double leg raise this time lifting your buttocks off ground. Then exhale walking your hands down your back untill you are resting on your shoulders. You are now in Supported Shoulderstand. Hold the position for around 30 seconds increasing the length of time as you become more confident. Breath normally with a slow steady breath.

5. To deepen Supported Shoulderstand posture bend and bring your knees to your forehead and walk the hands further down the back. Hold this position and then move back into Supported Shoulderstand by raising both legs back up to a verticle position.

6. To release inhale then exhale and let your knees drop down slowly towards your forehead. Lower your hands to the ground uncurling your back slowly vertebrae by vertebrae to the ground. Then lower your legs together to the ground and relax.

7. Well done 🙂


You can move from Supported Shoulderstand into The Plough.

You can move from Shavasana into Supported Shoulderstand.


Sanskrit name Salamba Sarvangasana

Sa = With, Lamba = Support, Sarva = All, Anga = Limb, Asana = Pose


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