Tree Pose or Vrksasana

Tree Pose

Tree Pose or Vrksasana is an intermediate level yoga pose.

Tree Pose
Tree Pose

Tree Pose Sanskrit name is Vrksasana.

Vrksa = Tree, Asana = Pose

How to Perform Tree Pose

1. Start off standing in Mountain Pose.

2. Focus on something that does not move and steady your breathe.

4. Shifting your weight onto the left foot while raising the right foot into a comfortable position. Your right foot should now be resting lightly against your left leg. The higher the better, but no stress or strain. Start out at your anckle or calf and work your way up. You can use your hands to guide you.

5. Use your hand to guide the right knee to the side to open up the hip area. While making sure that your hips are square and to the front.

6. Check in with your alignment. Lengthening through the neck, spine and crown as if being pulled up to the sky. Shoudlers down and away from the ears with no tension. Abdominals tucked in. Tailbone tucked under.

7. Bringing your hands into prayer, into heart centre, pressing together with forearms parallel to the ground.

8. Inhale stretching your arms and hands still in prayer position above the head.

9. With every inhalation reach further towards the sky.

10. Hold for 5-10 breaths and increase when your body progresses.

11. Exhale releasing the prayer to the heart centre. Then release your foot down to the ground and dropping your hands back to the side into Mountain Pose.

12. Peddle out the feet.

13. Repeat on the opposite side.



You can move from Mountain Pose into Tree Pose.


Benefits of Tree pose

  • Feeling grounded makes one feel strong and routed in the earth
  • Improves your balance and coordination
  • Helps one to focus
  • Strengthens your legs, ankles and feet
  • Opens up your hips
  • Tones your buttocks and thighs


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