Childs Pose or Balasana

Childs Pose or Balasana

Childs Pose or Balasana is a basic level yoga pose.

Childs Pose
Childs Pose

How to Perform Child’s Pose

1. Kneel down on your yoga your mat.

2. Knees together and big toes touching. Lengthen through the neck and spine.

3. Separate the knees and spread them to either side of the mat.

4. Inhale placing your hands in front of you.

5. Exhale slowly walking the hands forward while lowering your torso and forehead to the ground. (If the forehead does not yet touch the ground then you can rest your forehead on your forearms).

6. With every exhalation lower yourself more into the pose. Lengthening the tailbone.

7. Relax the shoulders to the ground allowing the shoulder blades to apart softly.

8. Feel your heart center becoming closer to the earth.

9. Hold for as long as you need. Take steady, deep inhalations and slow exhalations.

10. Relax


Benefits of Child’s Pose

This is a relaxation pose. Enjoy, breath and really take this moment as yours.

  • Steadies your breath
  • Relaxes the mind and body
  • Improves your circulation
  • Relieves stress and fatigue
  • Brings suppleness to the hips
  • Stretches out your thighs, ankles and arms


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