India Database Yoga Asanas

India Database Yoga Asanas

India to Database over 1500 Yoga Asanas

The Indian Government has shortlisted over 1500 Yoga Asanas. The Yoga asanas will be put onto a database to prevent Western Patent Claims.

India Database Yoga Asanas
India Database Yoga Asanas

Roughly 300 million people practice yoga across the globe in an industry worth $80 billion. The US is the world’s largest yoga industry turning over $27 billion. To compete with the US on a business level the Indians would need more branding such as brand names and larger training centers. With more than half of the globals yogi’s being Indians, this is entirely possible.

So the Indian government have formed the TKDL Traditional Knowledge Digital Library to protect its inheritance. They are now collecting a digital video database of over 1500 Yoga Asanas.

So every time an individual or an MNC (multi national corporation) files for a patent, the patent offices reffer to the TKDL database.

Originally TKDL was for traditional medical knowledge but has now included Yoga. Yoga is now a Global multi-billion dollar industry.

The TKDL was formed in 2009 and since then has thwarted over 200 claims.

India has just recently fought off two Western Patenting attemps including Tumeric and Green Tea!


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