Yoga Girl Book Release

Yoga Girl Book Release

Yoga Girl Rachel Brathen has relased her first book. At 26, Rachel Brathen appears to have the perfect life, but it hasn’t always been that way…

Yoga Girl Book Release
Yoga Girl Book Release

The Yoga Girl has over 1.5 million Instagram followers!! Posting pictures of her inpressive yoga postures in exotic places. She is now living in The Caribbean and teaching yoga globally.

However, as a youngster Rachel Brathen was troubled. Her parents broke up at a young age and her Mothers next partner then died in a plane crash. Rachel hit the booze, smoking and stealing.

“I had older boyfriends and started hanging out with the wrong crowd,” Rachel says.

“My mum would try to ground me for months at a time but I’d just jump out of my window,” she says …and if they took my allowance away, I would shoplift even more than I already was.”

After years of abuse Rachel’s mother sought out a Yoga retreat and convinced her to go.

“I don’t know how on earth she convinced me to go but I found myself on a train heading north. I didn’t admit it at the time but I was terrified!’

The retreat transformed her life and when she returned home she decided she needed to be around like minded people and flew out to live in Costa Rica.

Then on a holiday in Aruba she met Dennis who had a surf shop on the Island. They fell in love. Rachel moved in at age just 21 and began building something amazing. A social media sensation with over 1.5 million followers on Instagram.

But more than glamorous shots which can be found all over the internet, Rachel writes very honest and openly underneath her pictures. Talking about suicide attempts and insecurities but also inspiringly about the beautiful things she sees in the world.

“People are looking for something genuine and I don’t hesitate to share the real stuff,” she says. “On social media everyone weighs 100lb, goes to the gym and is fulfilled. But no one’s life is like that really, not even a Victoria’s Secret model.”




‘Yoga Every Damn Day’ – Rachel Brathen


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