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I have always had a love for adventure and all things active ever since being a child. So yoga appealed to me straight away. My first encounter with yoga began in India back in 2008 with my friends. Ever since then I have ended up visiting every year without fail. It just captures me, all the people, colours, food, history and of course the Yoga. Sometimes it would be a challenge to get up and go but I knew that once I was in the class all the negative thoughts and feelings would float away and at the end of the class I would feel rejuvenated, replenished and walk out with a spring in my step.

I never thought I would become a yoga teacher, I just enjoyed participating in classes and meditation mostly, but going to India made me think differently. The wide range of yoga practice out there is amazing and it was the right challenge I was looking for. So in 2012 I was at a point in my life where I felt I had no direction and wanted to get a qualification in healthy living that I would be incorporating in my everyday life. To my delight I found this in India. I decided there and then that yoga was for me and I wanted to deepen my understanding and practice on a more intensive level and really go for it. Throw myself in the deep end as they say. By this time I had only been to a few yoga classes but knew that India would be the best place to submerse myself totally, without having any distractions of day to day life which had stopped me practising before. So I went for it, booked a flight and went out there alone to complete a Yoga Teacher Training course in a Sivananda Ashram in South India Madurai.

It was quit ironic really, I felt like I was going on this journey to find myself alone and on arriving in Madurai airport to my dismay my baggage did not come through so I ended arriving at this ashram with no possessions at all apart from the clothes on my back. Kind of made me feel a bit vulnerable at the time but this was the best thing to of happened. I was totally stripped of all my materialistic items and ready to open my heart to my practice and see what would be revealed.

Well I can defiantly say it has given me the direction I was looking for. I knew then that teaching was for me and wanted to help people of all levels, ages, and abilities to practice whether it being for general health, weight-loss, toning, flexibility, relaxation techniques, better breathing, ┬ámeeting new people or meeting like minded people in your local community that wanted to change there life for the positive or gain confidence in trying something new. So Now I’m here in Leicester ready to bring what I have learned from India to everyone.

Please join me in this journey to a healthier lifestyle.. Your practice is a life time. There is no competition or ego in yoga only everything at your own individual pace and I will be here to guide you along the right path whether it be from absolute beginner and never practice before, beginner, and also intermediate and ready to deepen your own practice. Do something new today if you have never tried before and come join in the fun.


Om Shanti



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