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Goldie Talks Yoga at Om Show

Goldie Talks Yoga at Om Show

Goldie talks Yoga, Responsibilities, and Life Transformation.

Clifford Joseph Price or Goldie gave a seminar on the Sunday at London’s Om Yoga Show.

Goldie Talks Yoga
Goldie Talks Yoga

He had just landed from a gig in Poland and had managed about two hours sleep, one on the plane and one in the taxi. He still looked fresh and happy to be there.

Six years ago Goldie had embarked on a Yoga journey. He turned fifty recently and said that Yoga had changed his life dramatically for the better.

He had broken many bones and had so many accidents, breaking his hand seven times. He had hammered the party scene and was at a real low point when he met up with a friend and said to him ‘Why the fuck are you always so zen?’ …’Yoga’ his friend replied. Goldie at this point wanted to punch him in the face but instead embraced his zen having no where else really to turn.

‘One and a half hours of hell.’ Goldie described his first session. But said the time was so bad because he was staring at himself right in the face with no distractions. He knew now was the time to face up to himself, and yoga was his opportunity.

Goldie doesn’t claim to now be perfect, he is still sometimes an ‘arshole’ and can still be mischievous. But feels a lot healthier and more in control of his life.

Clifford enjoys practicing Yoga with his daughter and claims it is one of the most beautiful things in his life.

He wants to see Yoga in schools here in the UK as it is in Australia and Thailand.

He also looked very proud when he told of a young raver shouting to him at a gig that his set was awesome and he was also loving the Yoga stuff. He said he was happy to be having a good influence on the younger generation.

Goldie said he wasn’t interested in the politics of Yoga, had turned down the suggestions of becoming a teacher many times, and wanted to enjoy being a student.

Goldie was glowing and an inspiration to many listeners.

Yoga on the NHS

Yoga on the NHS

England’s NHS Chief Executive Simon Stevens is to offer Yoga on the NHS to staff to reduce stress and sick leave.

NHS England has 1.3 million staff and sick leave is currently costing the service £2.4 billion a year.

Yoga on the NHS
Yoga on the NHS

Simon Stevens said ‘Health professionals needed better support to look after their own health, given the increasing demands being put on them.’

‘NHS staff have some of the most critical but demanding jobs in the country. When it comes to supporting the health of our own workforce, frankly the NHS needs to put its own house in order.’ Stevens continued.

Stevens lost 20kg through a work-based incentive scheme while employed in the US. He then took the job as top dog at England’s NHS and announced his ambition to give the opportunity for the staff here to improve their health. He is a firm believer that the NHS should lead by example as organisations take their employees’ health more seriously.

The announcement follows an investigation which exposed the scale of the fast food culture within the NHS. Burger King, Greggs and 92 branches of Costa Coffee selling muffins and high sugar drinks were among those criticised by health campaigners.

It is simply unacceptable for the NHS to have contracts with companies who do not meet nutritional standards and promote unhealthy eating!

Stevens will pledge to make the food available on NHS premises healthier and announce the creation of a dedicated occupational health service for GPs who are suffering from burnout and stress.

Stevens health revolution includes Yoga, Zumba, sports clubs and promoting cycling to work.

Lets hope Simon Stevens is the man that he claims to be!

Yoga is proven to boost your immunity, help you sleep at night and make you feel happier.


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Yoga Mat made from Algae

Yoga Mat made from Algae

Bloom a Mississippi based brand may be using Algae to produce Yoga mats as soon as next year!

Yoga Mat made from Algae
Yoga Mat made from Algae

Bloom has worked hard to create a Yoga mat from a suitable algae biomass that doesn’t affect performance.

Bloom are producing under eco-friendly manufacturing companies Algix and Effekt.

Algae doesn’t require any pesticides to grow productively, as it is in abundance globally, and is so far GMO free.

Foams are usually created synthetically which is not sustainable nor is it eco friendly.

  • Algae produces 80% of the worlds oxygen
  • Algae can live in boiling water
  • Algae can live in snow
  • Algae can be used to make dynamite
  • Algae can be turned into bio-fuel powering cars and planes
  • Thanks to global warming the algae population is increasing
  • Algae is now used to produce the foam in Yoga mats, footwear and other gym products.

Once harvested, the algae is drained, dried and turned into polymer-like pellets. Then it is mixed with other materials to create the Bloom foam. Depending on what it is to be used for, the foam can be as much as 60 percent algae, which will reduce the demand for petroleum based ingredients.

Over the last year, 15 million people regularly participated in yoga in the US. They spent more than $27 billion on yoga products. Over the last five years, spending on yoga products has soared almost 90%. The average annual increase of the number of people who practice yoga is expanding at a rate of 20% making Yoga mats a lucrative business.

Bloom Algae Yoga mats will come in colours other than Green!


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Yoga Girl Book Release

Yoga Girl Book Release

Yoga Girl Rachel Brathen has relased her first book. At 26, Rachel Brathen appears to have the perfect life, but it hasn’t always been that way…

Yoga Girl Book Release
Yoga Girl Book Release

The Yoga Girl has over 1.5 million Instagram followers!! Posting pictures of her inpressive yoga postures in exotic places. She is now living in The Caribbean and teaching yoga globally.

However, as a youngster Rachel Brathen was troubled. Her parents broke up at a young age and her Mothers next partner then died in a plane crash. Rachel hit the booze, smoking and stealing.

“I had older boyfriends and started hanging out with the wrong crowd,” Rachel says.

“My mum would try to ground me for months at a time but I’d just jump out of my window,” she says …and if they took my allowance away, I would shoplift even more than I already was.”

After years of abuse Rachel’s mother sought out a Yoga retreat and convinced her to go.

“I don’t know how on earth she convinced me to go but I found myself on a train heading north. I didn’t admit it at the time but I was terrified!’

The retreat transformed her life and when she returned home she decided she needed to be around like minded people and flew out to live in Costa Rica.

Then on a holiday in Aruba she met Dennis who had a surf shop on the Island. They fell in love. Rachel moved in at age just 21 and began building something amazing. A social media sensation with over 1.5 million followers on Instagram.

But more than glamorous shots which can be found all over the internet, Rachel writes very honest and openly underneath her pictures. Talking about suicide attempts and insecurities but also inspiringly about the beautiful things she sees in the world.

“People are looking for something genuine and I don’t hesitate to share the real stuff,” she says. “On social media everyone weighs 100lb, goes to the gym and is fulfilled. But no one’s life is like that really, not even a Victoria’s Secret model.”




‘Yoga Every Damn Day’ – Rachel Brathen


India Database Yoga Asanas

India Database Yoga Asanas

India to Database over 1500 Yoga Asanas

The Indian Government has shortlisted over 1500 Yoga Asanas. The Yoga asanas will be put onto a database to prevent Western Patent Claims.

India Database Yoga Asanas
India Database Yoga Asanas

Roughly 300 million people practice yoga across the globe in an industry worth $80 billion. The US is the world’s largest yoga industry turning over $27 billion. To compete with the US on a business level the Indians would need more branding such as brand names and larger training centers. With more than half of the globals yogi’s being Indians, this is entirely possible.

So the Indian government have formed the TKDL Traditional Knowledge Digital Library to protect its inheritance. They are now collecting a digital video database of over 1500 Yoga Asanas.

So every time an individual or an MNC (multi national corporation) files for a patent, the patent offices reffer to the TKDL database.

Originally TKDL was for traditional medical knowledge but has now included Yoga. Yoga is now a Global multi-billion dollar industry.

The TKDL was formed in 2009 and since then has thwarted over 200 claims.

India has just recently fought off two Western Patenting attemps including Tumeric and Green Tea!


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