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Goldie Talks Yoga at Om Show

Goldie Talks Yoga at Om Show

Goldie talks Yoga, Responsibilities, and Life Transformation.

Clifford Joseph Price or Goldie gave a seminar on the Sunday at London’s Om Yoga Show.

Goldie Talks Yoga
Goldie Talks Yoga

He had just landed from a gig in Poland and had managed about two hours sleep, one on the plane and one in the taxi. He still looked fresh and happy to be there.

Six years ago Goldie had embarked on a Yoga journey. He turned fifty recently and said that Yoga had changed his life dramatically for the better.

He had broken many bones and had so many accidents, breaking his hand seven times. He had hammered the party scene and was at a real low point when he met up with a friend and said to him ‘Why the fuck are you always so zen?’ …’Yoga’ his friend replied. Goldie at this point wanted to punch him in the face but instead embraced his zen having no where else really to turn.

‘One and a half hours of hell.’ Goldie described his first session. But said the time was so bad because he was staring at himself right in the face with no distractions. He knew now was the time to face up to himself, and yoga was his opportunity.

Goldie doesn’t claim to now be perfect, he is still sometimes an ‘arshole’ and can still be mischievous. But feels a lot healthier and more in control of his life.

Clifford enjoys practicing Yoga with his daughter and claims it is one of the most beautiful things in his life.

He wants to see Yoga in schools here in the UK as it is in Australia and Thailand.

He also looked very proud when he told of a young raver shouting to him at a gig that his set was awesome and he was also loving the Yoga stuff. He said he was happy to be having a good influence on the younger generation.

Goldie said he wasn’t interested in the politics of Yoga, had turned down the suggestions of becoming a teacher many times, and wanted to enjoy being a student.

Goldie was glowing and an inspiration to many listeners.