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Yoga on the NHS

Yoga on the NHS

England’s NHS Chief Executive Simon Stevens is to offer Yoga on the NHS to staff to reduce stress and sick leave.

NHS England has 1.3 million staff and sick leave is currently costing the service £2.4 billion a year.

Yoga on the NHS
Yoga on the NHS

Simon Stevens said ‘Health professionals needed better support to look after their own health, given the increasing demands being put on them.’

‘NHS staff have some of the most critical but demanding jobs in the country. When it comes to supporting the health of our own workforce, frankly the NHS needs to put its own house in order.’ Stevens continued.

Stevens lost 20kg through a work-based incentive scheme while employed in the US. He then took the job as top dog at England’s NHS and announced his ambition to give the opportunity for the staff here to improve their health. He is a firm believer that the NHS should lead by example as organisations take their employees’ health more seriously.

The announcement follows an investigation which exposed the scale of the fast food culture within the NHS. Burger King, Greggs and 92 branches of Costa Coffee selling muffins and high sugar drinks were among those criticised by health campaigners.

It is simply unacceptable for the NHS to have contracts with companies who do not meet nutritional standards and promote unhealthy eating!

Stevens will pledge to make the food available on NHS premises healthier and announce the creation of a dedicated occupational health service for GPs who are suffering from burnout and stress.

Stevens health revolution includes Yoga, Zumba, sports clubs and promoting cycling to work.

Lets hope Simon Stevens is the man that he claims to be!

Yoga is proven to boost your immunity, help you sleep at night and make you feel happier.


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