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Yoga Mat made from Algae

Yoga Mat made from Algae

Bloom a Mississippi based brand may be using Algae to produce Yoga mats as soon as next year!

Yoga Mat made from Algae
Yoga Mat made from Algae

Bloom has worked hard to create a Yoga mat from a suitable algae biomass that doesn’t affect performance.

Bloom are producing underĀ eco-friendly manufacturing companies Algix and Effekt.

Algae doesn’t require any pesticides to grow productively, as it is in abundance globally, and is so far GMO free.

Foams are usually created synthetically which is not sustainable nor is it eco friendly.

  • Algae produces 80% of the worlds oxygen
  • Algae can live in boiling water
  • Algae can live in snow
  • Algae can be used to make dynamite
  • Algae can be turned into bio-fuel powering cars and planes
  • Thanks to global warming the algae population is increasing
  • Algae is now used to produce the foam in Yoga mats, footwear and other gym products.

Once harvested, the algae is drained, dried and turned into polymer-like pellets. Then it is mixed with other materials to create the Bloom foam. Depending on what it is to be used for, the foam can be as much as 60 percent algae, which will reduce the demand for petroleum based ingredients.

Over the last year, 15 million people regularly participated in yoga in the US. They spent more than $27 billion on yoga products. Over the last five years, spending on yoga products has soared almost 90%. The average annual increase of the number of people who practice yoga is expanding at a rate of 20% making Yoga mats a lucrative business.

Bloom Algae Yoga mats will come in colours other than Green!


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